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2023 Injectable/Cosmetic Medicine Trends: What to look out for next year.

December 15, 2022

2023 Injectable/Cosmetic Medicine Trends: What to look out for next year.

At Sisu Clinic, many of our patients come to us for the most advanced treatments available in aesthetic medicine today. Treatments like Anti-wrinkle and skin boosters have always been–and continue to be–popular with our patients, but the field of aesthetic or cosmetic medicine is rapidly evolving. 

More people are turning to noninvasive cosmetic procedures to achieve their beauty goals or to solve or prevent issues like wrinkles, acne, migraines, and much more. The stigma surrounding noninvasive procedures no longer exists. This next year is already shaping up to be an exciting one for aesthetic medicine, with more ground-breaking treatments available and more and more new patients exploring everything the field has to offer.

So what do the trends in aesthetic medicine look like for 2023? Read on to find out!

Benefits for anti-wrinkle and dermal filler
  1. Treatments like Anti-wrinkle  & Dermal Fillers continue to gain popularity.

Quick, noninvasive treatments like Anti-wrinkle and fillers have always been among the most popular treatments available at Sisu Clinic. Anti-wrinkle treatment in particular can be customised to benefit your specific beauty need, with many Anti-wrinkle treatments designed to treat medical conditions as well. Medical providers can utilize it to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, prevent future aging, combat migraines and excessive sweating, halt teeth grinding, diminish gummy smiles, and more. Similarly, dermal fillers can be administered in targeted areas that are unique to the patient. Fillers are used as a means to restore volume, diminish wrinkles, soften lines, and enhance facial contours in areas like the lips, under eyes, jawline, nose, and more.

While these treatments have been around for many years and have been swiftly gaining popularity amongst patients, they have become far more mainstream and commonplace as of late. This is largely due to a number of factors such as more time spent on Zoom and other video conferencing platforms, influencer culture, and the general changing social attitudes around aesthetic medicine. These kinds of injectable treatments are no longer seen as extreme–especially at clinics like Sisu that prioritize customised personal care and natural-looking results. 

Learn more about the Anti-wrinkle treatment and Filler treatments at Sisu Clinic.

Lunch break treatments
  1. Younger patients are exploring aesthetic medicine.

Statistics show that demand for aesthetic treatments is now highest among 25-40-year-olds. This patient age range is skewing younger and younger. This is due largely in part to the increase in popularity of “lunch break” treatments–noninvasive treatments with little to no downtime that can be administered during one’s lunch break, like Anti-wrinkle treatment, skin boosters, or dermal fillers. These treatments have become extremely popular with young women who have disposable income. They are prioritizing and investing in their own self-care.

Many are also turning to aesthetic medicine as preventative personal care. Preventative Anti-wrinkle treatment is becoming more and more popular as a treatment. The philosophy behind preventative Anti-wrinkle treatment is to essentially teach your muscles to slow over time and contract less before they even begin to form fine lines. It’s, of course, impossible to halt ageing entirely, but preventative Anti-wrinkle treatments work to postpone or slow your skin’s ageing process, keeping your skin looking fresher, firmer, and smoother for longer. 

Our medical providers recommend scheduling a free consultation to discuss if preventative Anti-wrinkle treatment might be a good match for you.

Younger patients are exploring aesthetic medicine.
  1. Men are taking part in aesthetic medicine too.

Aesthetic medicine (and self-care in general) has long been associated with female patients. In fact, there has been a stigma around men getting aesthetic treatments. While the vast majority of patients seeking aesthetic medicine treatments are women, that stigma is quickly diminishing.

In 2018, men made up 10% of the Anti-wrinkle treatment market, but that percentage went up to 15% in 2021. The numbers only appear to be increasing–and at a rapid rate. With treatments like anti-wrinkle  and permanent fat removal being sought after by male patients, this trend is only expected to continue.

Clinics and patients are embracing the idea of “active ageing” instead of “anti-ageing”.
  1. Clinics and patients are embracing the idea of “active ageing” instead of “anti-ageing”.

Despite the many treatments available that help to slow or prevent the ageing process, our bodies will inevitably age–it’s only natural! As treatments evolve and new advancements develop, the aesthetic medicine industry, its clinics, and its patients are starting to embrace the idea of “active ageing” instead of “anti-ageing”. 

This trend is not specific to the aesthetic medicine industry alone, but to the larger beauty, wellness, and personal care industries too. For instance, the Institute for Anti-Ageing (IIAA) recently rebranded as the Institute for Active Ageing. Aesthetic medicine trends and new treatments appear to be following suit, focusing on aiding or enhancing your body’s natural mechanisms to help make the ageing process happen as seamlessly and gracefully as possible.

Treatments like Sculptra® and Thread Lifts are prime examples of this new trend. These treatments work by promoting your body’s natural production of elastin and collagen over time to gradually revitalize your skin long after treatment. It isn’t about stopping ageing from happening at all, but rather administering treatments that trigger the skin’s natural processes to restore and maintain a youthful volume and glow.

Learn more about Sculptra® and Thread Lifts, two of the most popular “active ageing” treatments that Sisu offers.

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