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Don't Risk Your Face | The Truth About Fake Botox

April 12, 2024

Don't Risk Your Face | The Truth About Fake Botox

The CDC expected to alert Doctors about fake Botox.

The CDC has issued a statement in relation to the mass increase of reports on fake Botox entering the global market, resulting in adverse patient outcomes and patients being hospitalized as a result. Botox and the aesthetic space has boomed globally, the space has become more mainstream, the treatments more widespread. The expansion of our Sisu Clinic platform is testament to this surge, but with every medical professional and brand that enters the market with positive intent, there is also an element that is darker, more sinister. The counterfeit Botox and filler market is a multi-billion dollar one, for every person that wants quality and safety, there will be those that want cheap and fast. Welcome to the rise of counterfeit Botox. 

The difference between Real and Fake Botox

What is fake Botox?

The words fake, knock off, counterfeit are all used to describe something that is not genuine. A fake bag or a fake watch can be passed off as an original with no impact to your health or well being, a fake Botox or Dysport™ drug can put you in the hospital, or worse still, it can kill you. Botox is a brand of neurotoxin made by the Pharma giant Allergan, but in general it is the term applied to all toxins in the market, from Dysport™ by Galderma to Xeomin by Metz. These companies are tried, tested, often publicly listed companies with huge medical governance structures that invest billions in R&D and ultimately cannot bring a drug to market without trials, tests and validation from the FDA, European and global drug agencies. A toxin from one of these companies is safe, tried and tested. A fake Botox is the complete unknown and it is beginning to hit the global market and unfortunately it is making its way into the hands of providers who either may not be aware or in more sinister cases are putting profit before safety. 

Statement released from The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention about Fake Botox

What is the CDC saying about fake Botox?

Last Wednesday the CDC said it is coordinating a “multistate outbreak investigation into a few botulism-like illnesses in several states" caused by botulinum toxin injections, commonly called Botox, that weren't given in a medical office”. In the US the CDC said “Health departments in Illinois and Tennessee have reported cases possibly linked to counterfeit Botox, with two people in each state hospitalized”. For us at Sisu Clinic our relationships are direct with our manufactures, there is no middle man, no grey market. The drugs and dermal fillers are traceable with lot numbers and counterfeit measures in place. The CDC pre alert has also stated that further hospitalizations have occurred in Kentucky and Washington. The alert to the medical community does not come as a surprise to many of us in the aesthetic industry as the surge in market has resulted in patients looking for the cheapest deals. Remember if it’s too cheap, then ask yourself why?

Side Effects of Fake Botox

What were the side effects of fake Botox?

The CDC reported that the patients hospitalized experienced symptoms akin to botulism, blurred vision, respiratory distress and fatigue. The unknown contaminants, sterilization processes and general lack of traceability mean more severe symptoms are even possible.

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How do you ensure your Botox is genuine?

The first step in this is to do your research on your provider and practitioner, if the reviews, website and reputation of your provider is strong then the likelihood is that they are reputable and are professional. Avoid the ultra low cost option, for us at Sisu Clinic our Botox pricing is competitive based on our global purchasing power, with 25 clinics spanning three countries and two continents we have long standing relationships with our suppliers. Running the gauntlet with Botox is not advised, you might get a cheap deal but deals and your face and especially deals and your face, should be avoided at all costs. 

Is Fake Botox common?

Is fake Botox common?

With reports like this from the CDC and ever increasing alerts about counterfeit drugs entering into the marketplace, this fake Botox industry is only going to increase. Regulation, policing and enforcement are vital in every country but due to the surge in the market and the sheer volume of providers this can be virtually impossible to control. Our advice, do your research, pick a reputable clinic and remember cheap is not always better.

As highlighted by the CDC, the prevalence of fake Botox in the market has led to adverse outcomes and hospitalizations. Choosing a safe provider is paramount to ensuring the authenticity and quality of Botox injections. At Sisu Clinic, patient safety is our top priority, and our doctor-led approach guarantees the use of safe and genuine products. With a comprehensive range of advanced beauty treatments, including anti-wrinkle treatment and dermal fillers, we uphold strict standards to protect our patients. When considering Botox injections, it is crucial to prioritize quality over cost and research reputable clinics to mitigate the risks associated with counterfeit products. Don't compromise your health – choose Sisu Clinic for guaranteed results and peace of mind.

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