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🌟 Sisu brings a wide range of offers through our “Get The Look” catalog that will leave your skin glowing. Whether you want to add some volume to your lips using Lip Filler, smooth out your skin using Botox™:Dysport™, refresh your complexion you’ve always wanted with SkinVive™ or achieve that silhouette you’ve always wanted with our Brazilian Butt Lift treatment using 8 Vials of Sculptra™. Look through our offers below and book in a free consultation today.

Our favourites
Saving: $325

Lip Filler - (0.5CC + Free Lip Flip)

Was $700 / Now $375

Your ticket to plump, beautiful lips and renewed confidence.

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Saving: $100

SkinVive™ (1 Vial)

Was $550 / From $450

The Ultimate Solution for Smooth and Hydrated Skin

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Saving: $205

Botox™:Dysport™ + Free Lip Flip

Was $700 / Now $495

Reduce fine lines & wrinkles with Botox™:Dysport™.

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Saving: $100

Under-Eye Filler (1 Treatment)

Was $700 / Now $600

Say goodbye to tired eyes and hello to refreshed radiance

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Saving: $4000

BBL | 8 Vials Of Sculptra

Was $7999 / Now $3999

Elevate silhouette with 8 Vials of Sculptra for the buttocks.

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Terms & Conditions: These exclusive “Get The Look” packages cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions, discounts, with each package offering its unique discount. For any inquiries or further assistance, feel free to reach out to us at The SkinVive™ Treatment has additional Vials offered upon request. The treatment listed above is for 1 Vial Only. Our SkinVive™ treatment is available in other Vial amounts such as 2 Vials and 3 Vials, with the price increasing per vial.

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