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SkinVive: What Is It, How Does It Work, What to Expect?

February 26, 2024

SkinVive: What Is It, How Does It Work, What to Expect?

SkinVive has finally arrived, and as the adage goes, good things come to those who wait. At Sisu Clinic, we've eagerly anticipated the next generation skin booster from the medical experts at Allergan Aesthetics, and we can now say, with wide smiles and smooth skin, that it has been worth the long wait! SkinVive is set to become your skin's best friend, your secret weapon against dullness, and the key to maintaining a fresh look in winter and a radiant glow in the summer sun.


What is SkinVive?

Brought to you by Allergan, the creators of Botox and Juvederm, SkinVive is a testament to their pedigree and expertise in skin health and self-care. Composed of hyaluronic acid, a main building block for collagen, SkinVive differs from conventional dermal fillers. Its focus isn't on volumizing or augmenting structure but on improving skin quality, tone, and texture. SkinVive enhances your look subtly, without altering your natural appearance. Injected just under the dermis in tiny volumes, it increases tissue hydration and boosts collagen and elastin production, giving you softer, more supple skin.

What is Skinvive?

How does SkinVive work?

Here's the science: SkinVive's high concentration of non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid integrates seamlessly into the tissue, enhancing the skin's deeper layers, which stimulates increased hydration and collagen production. This injectable is administered just beneath the skin's surface at targeted points.

How does Skinvive work?

Does SkinVive hurt?

The SkinVive treatment involves a very fine needle. Most people report feeling just a slight pinch, and the product contains lidocaine, which numbs the area for a comfortable experience.

Does Skinvive hurt?

Is there any downtime with SkinVive?

In short, no. SkinVive is a swift treatment with minimal downtime. Some redness and small bumps may occur at the injection site but typically subside within a few hours. Occasional bruising is possible but can be concealed with makeup and is generally not noticeable. We advise avoiding exercise for 24 hours post-treatment and refraining from applying makeup immediately afterward.

Is there any downtime with Skinvive?

How long does SkinVive last?

On average, results last about 6-9 months after completing the recommended SkinVive cycle. The benefits build over time, and as the product gradually wears off, the change in skin quality will be subtle. Many choose to have SkinVive treatments every 6 months following their initial cycle.

How long does Skinvive Last?

How many treatments of SkinVive do I need?

SkinVive treatment is typically staged, with most people undergoing a 2-3 stage treatment plan, using one syringe of 1cc spaced about a month apart. This timing allows SkinVive to work in sync with your skin's natural cycle, which is about 30 days, enhancing the compounding results.

When will I see my SkinVive results?

Many patients notice increased hydration, tone, and texture within a few days. While the change is gradual, by 3-4 weeks after the final treatment, SkinVive's maximum, glow-enhancing effects become evident.

Skinvive Results

Who is a good candidate for SkinVive?

Anyone with skin! SkinVive is designed to hydrate, support, and nourish. It's a game-changer for those with dry skin, providing much-needed hydration. It also yields excellent results for those with acne-prone skin or scarring, revitalizing and restoring shine and vitality. SkinVive is particularly beneficial for those not ready for traditional dermal fillers, offering a solution to those noticing skin quality changes where topical products fall short.

Skinvive results

How do I book a SkinVive consultation at Sisu Clinic?

Simply visit our website, follow us on social media @sisuclinicusa, and schedule a free consultation with one of our expert medical injectors. Our team will guide you on your aesthetic journey, ensuring you receive the treatment that best meets your needs and desires.

How do I book a SkinVive consultation at Sisu Clinic?