What are Thread Lifts?

May 17, 2023
What are Thread Lifts?

Thread Lifts are one of our favourite personal care treatments at Sisu because they do a lot of heavy lifting with little to no downtime. Thread Lifts are a non-surgical solution to sagging skin around the face and neck, and offer instant, radiant results. They can grant you a silhouette insta-lift in a single visit, and the benefits of this revitalising treatment only continue post-treatment.

We’ll get into the lasting benefits of Thread Lifts and more in today’s blog. Sisu Clinic is a doctor-led aesthetic clinic based in Ireland, the UK, and the US. Our leading aesthetic doctors have given us the ins and outs of Thread Lifts so we can share everything you need to know to look and feel your best with this long-lasting treatment.

So, What are Thread Lifts?

A Thread Lift is a non-surgical procedure that uses fine, medical grade monofilament sutures to reduce skin sagging and rejuvenate your face and neck. It's a non-surgical alternative to a surgical facelift. The procedure is extremely popular with Sisu's mature patients–typically those 50 years of age and older–who want to lift and rejuvenate their skin. 

Many Thread Lift treatments, including those performed at Sisu Clinic, use Polydioxanone threads, or PDO threads for short. PDO threads are extremely thin, medical grade, synthetic, monofilament sutures made from a polymer of paradioxanone. Your body safely absorbs PDO threads over time, promoting ongoing collagen production long after the day of your treatment.

Collagen is one of the building blocks of the skin. As we age, we naturally lose collagen, which causes our skin to sag and become less firm and elastic year after year. To counteract or lessen these effects of ageing, we can stimulate our skin’s collagen production through aesthetic treatments like Thread Lifts. Thread Lift treatments not only reduce sagging and lift and tighten the skin around your face and neck, but can continuously prompt your skin to produce collagen to counteract the sagging and loosening process.

PDO Threads vs. Silhouette Soft Threads

Thread Lifts are usually performed using either PDO threads or Silhouette Soft threads. PDO thread lifts and Silhouette Soft thread lifts are similar, yet carry some significant differences. A PDO thread lift uses a barb-surgical thread, whereas the Silhouette Soft uses a thread with a series of silicone cones. At Sisu Clinic, our medical practitioners use PDO thread lifts to carry out our non-surgical lifting treatments for the face and neck area. We believe it gives a more effective, natural, and long-lasting result for our patients, which is ultimately the treatment’s goal. 

How Do Thread Lifts Work?

If you’re considering booking a Thread Lift treatment near you, you’re likely wondering what the procedure entails. To perform a Thread Lift, our trained medical professionals pull the PDO threads through tiny needles to help prevent the effects of volume loss, sagging, and skin quality degradation caused by the ageing process. But let’s break it down further for you.

The doctor performing your procedure will thread the PDO threads beneath your skin in order to pull the skin taut in your face or neck area (depending on the focus of your personalised treatment). The invisible (and completely painless!) barbs in the PDO threads grab onto your skin and muscle from the inside to make sure it’s pulled tight.

Once this happens, your body initiates a response to the barbs, stimulating your skin’s collagen production. The collagen then fills in your sagging skin to restore its youthful elasticity and fullness.

Over time, the PDO threads dissolve into your skin, further stimulating collagen production and rejuvenating your skin for months after treatment.

Do Thread Lifts Work?

Yes, they do! There have been many studies that have tested Thread Lifts to examine their safety and effectiveness.

A study published in 2017 found that Thread Lift treatments resulted in skin appearing tighter and more structured post-treatment. It also found that rejuvenation from the threads dissolving remained noticeable for up to three years.

Another study, also published in 2017, found that Thread Lifts using dissolvable PDO Threads resulted in noticeable lifting and rejuvenation two years after treatment, not to mention overwhelming patient satisfaction. The study also found that results are even more noticeable and notable when combined with supplemental treatments like Anti-Wrinkle or dermal fillers.

What Areas Can Thread Lifts Benefit?

Thread lifts are used to reduce sagging and rejuvenate your skin. The most common parts of the body a Thread Lift can benefit are:

  • Face
  • Chin
  • Neck

At Sisu Clinic, we focus our Thread Lifts on the face and neck. To learn more about how a Thread Lift might benefit you and your unique beauty goals, schedule a free consultation with one of our medical providers.

How Long Do Thread Lifts Last?

The results are long-lasting–just look at these Thread Lift before & after photos! The PDO threads are absorbed by the skin in your face and neck in the first six to nine months after treatment, but you will continue to notice the results for eighteen to twenty-four months. 

While results are instant, Thread Lifts continue to work their magic after treatment–specifically six months after treatment. As the threads absorb into your skin, they stimulate collagen production over the course of the first six months, meaning that your skin will look its best at that six-month period. The collagen production rejuvenates your skin from the inside out, making it appear firmer, more elastic, and youthful.

The bottom line: you’ll be happy leaving the clinic after your Thread Lift, but your skin will only grow more radiant in the months that follow. Thread Lifts really are the gift that keeps on giving!

How Much Does a Thread Lift Cost?

When you get a Thread Lift at Sisu Clinic, we base our pricing on the area you’d like to target: face, neck, or face and neck.

Click here for the cost of a Thread Lift at Ireland clinics.

What is the Process of Getting a Thread Lift?

So how do you get a Thread Lift? The first thing to do is to book a free consultation at Sisu Clinic, located in Ireland, the UK, and the US.

Step 1: Free Initial consultation
During the free initial consultation, a Sisu doctor will evaluate your face and neck to assess which areas would benefit most from a Thread Lift to instantly lift and tighten the skin while gradually boosting collagen.

Step 2: Book your treatment:
After this initial consultation, we will book you for your Thread Lift treatment.

Step 3: Receive your treatment 

During this treatment, your doctor will administer a topical anesthetic to your skin in the area(s) where the PDO threads will be inserted.

Using a needle, they will insert the PDO threads underneath your skin. Once complete, they will remove the needle. The whole treatment should take anywhere from 30-45 minutes. 

Step 4: Post-treatment recovery

Since our Thread Lifts are non-surgical, there is little to no downtime after treatment, unlike with surgical neck lifts. At most, you may experience redness and a “tight” sensation around the treated area where the threads are placed, but this will heal in just a few days.

Step 5: Schedule followpup appointment 

After this, you will schedule your follow up appointment with your Sisu medical provider to make sure that you are happy with your Thread Lift results!

What to Do Before Your Thread Lift

If you have decided to get a Thread Lift, follow these general rules before your treatment to get the best results:

  1. Avoid medications that thin the blood like fish oil, aspirin, advil, and naproxen for a week pre-treatment. During your initial consultation, you will be asked to tell your Sisu provider which medications you are currently taking.
  2. Avoid skin irritants like retinol and benzoyl peroxide.
  3. Avoid alcohol for 24 hours pre-treatment.
  4. Avoid any foods that are known to trigger inflammation in your diet.
  5. Avoid stressors and try to relax the night before your appointment.

What to Do After Your Thread Lift

Now that you have had your Thread Lift, what should you do after treatment to get the best results?

  1. Avoid alcohol for 24 hours post-treatment.
  2. Avoid strenuous exercise or elevating your body temperature for one to two days post-treatment.
  3. Avoid putting pressure directly on your sutures. Avoid rubbing your skin or sleeping on your side immediately after treatment.
  4. Use ice and arnica on the treatment site if bruising or swelling occurs.

Find a Thread Lift Near Me

Ready to start your search for a PDO Thread Lift near you? We’re here to help!

Sisu Clinic is an advanced doctor-led aesthetic clinic that offers the most innovative non-invasive treatments like Thread Lifts. Our aesthetic doctors are highly trained experts in PDO Thread Lifts and can guarantee you get the best results from your treatment.

To book a free consultation for a Thread Lift treatment near you, click here.

To learn more about Thread Lifts, click here.

Key Takeaways

  • Thread Lifts are a non-invasive treatment for tightening sagging skin around the face and neck. 
  • Thread Lifts are a non-surgical alternative to a surgical facelift.
  • Thread Lifts typically use PDO Threads.
  • Once inserted, PDO threads dissolve over time and stimulate collagen production.
  • The collagen rejuvenates sagging skin in the months following treatment, resulting in a more elastic, youthful looking appearance.
  • Thread Lift results can last up to two years.
  • To book a free consultation for a Thread Lift treatment near you, click here.

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