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Try our Taylor Special and experience the ultimate combo of Botox, Lip Filler, and Lip Flip

March 11, 2024

Try our Taylor Special and experience the ultimate combo of Botox, Lip Filler, and Lip Flip

The Sisu Taylor package, Hollywood-inspired for the perfect red carpet aesthetic. Tailored, bespoke aesthetic treatments are key and having the correct blend of treatments to achieve that result is paramount. Botox™:Dysport™ are the kings of the toxin world and are amazing treatments for preventing lines and wrinkles and giving the skin that flawless complexion. With more people now getting Botox than ever, picking a clinic that works for you is key. Botox and lip filler are one of the main stays we see at Sisu Clinic, so how can you make these two knockout treatments better? It's easy—combine them in our bespoke, beautifully balanced Taylor package.

What is the Sisu taylor Package

What is the Sisu Taylor Package?

Our Sisu Taylor package is the perfect balance of three areas of Botox™:Dysport™ and 0.5cc of lip filler, and the cherry on top, there is a free lip flip to add extra definition and shape to your lip filler treatment. 

Who is suitable for the Sisu Taylor package? 

For those looking to prevent lines and wrinkles and sharpen lip borders with adding a little plump (but not too much) then the Taylor package is ideal. Make up will glide on with effortless ease and your lip line will be sharper, more defined with just the perfect amount of added volume. Our Botox™:Dysport™ treatment is designed to make you look better, not different. Our Neo classical approach to aesthetic medicine means your results will have people giving compliments without asking “what did you do to your face?”. The best aesthetic treatments are ones where we refine and balance features, leaving you confident and empowered with your new tweakments.

Botos Dysport Treatment

Can I do the Sisu Taylor Package in one sitting?

Absolutely, yes our toxin treatment is quick and painless and typically takes a few minutes to perform. Our lip filler treatment is designed to be as comfortable as possible, numbing agents and lip filler that contains anesthetic means the treatment is well tolerated by all patients 

The Taylor Package Before and after results

What results can I expect from my Sisu Taylor package ?

The effortless blend of toxin and filler will leave your facial features sharper, more balanced and looking fresh. Botox™:Dysport™ will soften lines and wrinkles for those that already have them and is preventative for those who never want lines and wrinkles to begin with. Our lip filler treatment is the perfect volume for those wanting a little more pout but are not quite ready for the full 1cc of lip filler. 

The treatment Journey

Is there any downtime with the Sisu Taylor package ?

With Botox™:Dysport™ there is no real downtime, post-treatment you can have tiny red marks for maybe 10-20 minutes. Occasionally a small bruise can occur and can take 3-5 days to resolve, this can be covered easily with makeup. Our 0.5cc lip filler treatment can take a few days to settle post treatment, you can experience some swelling for 24-48 hours, bruising can occur and can take 5-10 days to fully resolve, but again, makeup can be used to cover this .

How long does the Sisu Taylor Package last ?

On average our toxin treatments last around 3-4 months, a lip filler will last anywhere from 6-9 months, depending on your metabolism and how quickly you break down dermal filler. A lip flip using toxin will last about 6-7 weeks, it tends not to last as long as the lip line is always in use and the Botox breaks down a little quicker in this area. 

How long does Sisu Taylor Package Last?

Ready to enhance your natural beauty and achieve that flawless red carpet look? Experience the perfect blend of Botox™, Dysport™, lip filler, and a free lip flip with our Sisu Taylor package. Book your appointment today and discover the confidence-boosting results for yourself!

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