Botox for Brides and Grooms: Is It Worth It? Pricing, Timing, and More

February 7, 2024

Miami is a popular destination for weddings and for good reason, great weather, great vibes and incredible locations and venues. If you’re in Miami or  jetting in from out of town, then Miami is a key wedding destination. If you’re getting married in Miami, then you likely have everything organized, from food, to venue to wedding outfits and wedding dresses. One question to add: have you considered your aesthetic wedding prep? Let's break down the ins and outs of wedding Botox in Miami, things to do, things to avoid and everything in between. 

Best place to get wedding Botox in Miami?

Sisu Clinic knows a lot about the world of aesthetic medicine, we are doctor founded and Europe's largest dedicated injectable company. With 25 global clinics, we are experts in wedding Botox and getting you that aisle ready, camera fabulous look. Our Sisu Clinic location in Miami is a Brickell city center and shops at Merrick Park, Coral Gables. Both locations offer ease of access with great parking, incredible shopping and mouth watering restaurants. Wedding Botox should be an enjoyable experience and our locations allow you to shop, relax and enjoy our incredible Sisu Clinic experience. Our aesthetic injectors are not only super experienced and extremely talented but also really nice people. So if you’re a nervous first time or a seasoned Botox pro, we have you covered. 

Wedding Botox Miami price?

Botox and price is an important factor to consider, for most in the US you will be aware of dollar per unit pricing but at Sisu Clinic we like to be a little more straight talking. We use an area based model which is the European standard, the pricing for three areas of Botox or Dysport is a fact fee of $495 and includes a free lip flip or bunny line treatment. No unit based discussions, we focus on the result and your anatomy. We administered Botox that gives an excellent result and lasts about three months in keeping with manufacturer's recommendations and guidelines. 

Do grooms get Botox?

A big yes to this! Miami men are huge lovers of Botox and aesthetic treatment, both regularly and especially coming up to big events like wedding days. Male Botox and Dysport treatments are fantastic for making our male patients look younger, fresher and all round better. Botox is not just confined to females, and with more and more men engaging in the treatment, there is no surprise that the popularity of wedding Botox is surging. 

When should I get my wedding Botox In Miami ?

This varies, but we don’t recommend ever getting your Botox or Dysport done the week before your wedding . It will take some time to settle, and most patients opt to have their treatment done about one month before their big day. For first time patients, we prefer to opt to begin your pre-wedding Botox about 6-9 months before your wedding day. This will allow you to get used to your results and treatments and also, over time and with some consistency, your results will get better.