How to Plan Your Wedding Botox in New York with Sisu Clinic

February 12, 2024

Weddings! Who doesn’t love them? The glitz, the glamor, the fashion, and style. And no place does weddings quite like New York. If you’re an all our Sex and City type affair or more low-key Soho vibes, then the New York wedding scene has it all. Planning is key to any wedding. You’ve likely organized your dream venue, dream wedding dress but question, have you planned your dream face? Come with us as we guide you through and things wedding Botox in New York. From brides to grooms we have you covered with a breakdown of the latest and best pre-wedding aesthetic treatments. From Botox, lip fillers, dermal fillers, Sculptra and the nightly Skinvive™ by Allergen, we have all the bases covered.

Best Wedding Botox New York?

A common question and one that can be heard in hushed tones in Downtown Flatiron to the vibe bars and restaurants of Soho. “You look incredible, where did you get your Botox?” Referral and word of mouth are a key factor in making your decision on where to get your Botox and when it comes to your wedding day, research and planning are vital. Sisu Clinic has 25 global clinics, founded by Doctors, Irish brothers Dr.Brian and Dr.James Cotter; we know a thing or two about injectables, and with European aesthetics leading the global trends, we offer something unique to the world of aesthetic medicine in New York. Our Sisu Clinic locations in New York are at 311 West Broadway and 62 West 23rd Flatiron,  the clinics are exceptional spaces and will instill a sense of confidence and quality that is new to the medspa space in New York. Our aesthetic injector is experienced and has an incredible ability to put you at ease, from first timers to seasoned Botox consumers. 

Is wedding Botox in New York just for Brides ?

Wedding Botox in New York is not just for brides; grooms are big consumers of Botox, with ever increasing numbers of men opting to soften lines and wrinkles. Wedding day boots for grooms are as popular and important as a well-fitting suit. You’ve been to the tailor, you’ve probably lived in Equinox, and now it's time to consider some tweaks that can be carried out to make your face look fresh and camera-ready. 

When Is the best time to get Botox before your wedding?

The answer to this varies somewhat depending on your level of experience with Botox. In general, we recommend patients don’t come in the week before your wedding; all Botox, and especially wedding Botox, takes about two weeks to get to full results, so we like a little time for it to settle. The ideal time for patients with previous experience of Botox is about a month before their wedding day. For first-time Botox or Dysport users, we recommend a little longer cycle; start about 6-9 months out and keep your treatment pathways spaced around three months apart. The results will get better with each treatment, and you will have had a little time to get used to your new soft wrinkle free forehead. 

How much is wedding Botox in New York?

At Sisu Clinic, transparency is key, and allowing patients to understand how these treatments work is a vital part of your aesthetic journey. In the US, things are somewhat different from Europe in terms of Botox treatments; the US market is obsessed about the number of units used, and in reality, this is because you are charged a dollar per unit. This leads to a few issues for patients: one is a lack of transparency, and two, you will be “overdosed” with toxins, more will be used so that more can be charged. At Sisu Clinic we tend to tailor your Botox treatment according to your anatomy, not too much, not too little, just right. Your Botox will last around three months and will leave you looking fresh face and reinvigorated. Our area based pricing for Botox and Dysport is $495 and includes a free lip or bunny line treatment.