Say Yes to Youthful Skin: The Top Reasons to Choose Sisu Clinic for Botox in Flatiron

January 30, 2024

Botox and New York, two words that roll off the tongue, both get you excited, you look and feel great after you interact with both! With an ever ending supply of medspas in Flatiron, deciding where to get your Botox treatment can be tricky. Where to go, who to choose , the decision can be difficult and daunting. Where to get the best Botox in flatiron requires information and trust, Sisu Clinic located at 61 West 23rd street Flatiron offers you not only a great location in flatiron but exceptional quality from a team of aesthetic medical providers you can trust.

Where is the best Botox in Flatiron?

Sisu Clinic is Europe's largest dedicated aesthetic injectable provider. We have 25 global clinics, from Dublin to New York, Miami and Houston. Having a large dedicated global footprint allows people searching for the best Botox in flatiron to feel confident in our Sisu Clinic brand. To have 25 of anything you have to be good at what you do and our Sisu Clinic Flatiron location is the ideal location for people searching for Botox flatiron.

Where can you find the best Botox in flatiron?

One of the things we obsess about in Sisu Clinic is our locations. We want to be central, convenient and always choose high quality locations for our patients to enjoy. Sisu Clinic 61 west 23rd flatiron is no exception. Located just around the corner from the global iconic flatiron building, our location is easy to get to and is surrounded by gyms, shopping and even a boutique wine store right beside us. Botox and bubbles are a must! 

How much is Botox in Flatiron ?

For new patients looking for preventative Botox or “Baby Botox” , the pricing game can be both daunting and really confusing. Dysport at x dollar per unit, Botox at y dollar per unit up to 40 units etc, this can be tricky for people to understand and unfortunately sometimes this is taken advantage of with people being “sold” more than they actually need. We tend to work on a transparent European model of areas , frown lines, crows feet and forehead lines all treated as a collective in the area model priced at $495 and this also includes a free lip flip or bunny line treatment and a two week follow up.

Best Botox Flatiron reviews?

Botox reviews are key to making your decision, google is mega at allowing people to understand the general experience and how people feel about their Botox consultation, Botox treatment and their Botox before and after results. We always recommend that patients do their research and understand the vibe of a clinic, your potential injector and ensure that everything is well matched . At Sisu Clinic Flatiron we offer free Botox consultations with our medical team, no upfront fees, no demands, just information, understanding and trust.

Why is cheap Botox in flatiron not always a good idea ?

Cheap Botox and Dysport  might sound like a great idea but ask yourself the question, if it looks too cheap then why? At Sisu Clinic our global group footprint of 25 clinics allows us to offer exceptionally priced Botox and Dysport  in flatiron without compromising on anything . For some providers, cheap Botox means a corner was cut somewhere, the injector, the training, the insurance and in some instances even the product itself. At Sisu Clinic Flatiron we offer our three area full fat Botox or Dysport with a free lip flip or bunny lines for the incredible value offer of $495. Same great product and service with great value.