Top Aesthetic Treatments for Houston Brides and Groom

February 7, 2024

Wedding days and Botox are like strawberries and cream, the perfect combination. At Sisu Clinic Houston we know a thing or two about Botox and injectable treatments like dermal fillers, lip fillers and sculptra. With 25 clinics worldwide and Europe's leading injectable med spa we are well versed in all things aesthetic treatments and when it comes to wedding prep and getting the perfect glow up for your big day. Let's take a step by step approach to wedding Botox and how to get the best results for your big day. 

Where to get wedding Botox in Houston ?

Sisu clinic is located in the Montrose Collective Houston, this new urban development houses a blend of fashion, beauty and  restaurants. It is the perfect location to shop, eat and now you can also get your Botox and Dysport treatments. For most people getting married there is a huge amount of planning, preparation and excitement. Venue selection and wedding dresses can be difficult decisions to make as can deciding on where to get your wedding Botox. Trust is a key component and finding an aesthetic practice that works for you is vital. Our Houston lead injector Dana Prieto Pa, has a wealth of experience and has guided many brides and grooms on their skin prep pre wedding journey .

When should I get my wedding Botox?

This is a really commonly asked question and is one that we are pros at answering. Like most things in life, timing is key and we tend to try to work backwards from your wedding date. Botox and Dysport will usually last around three months, for the best aesthetic results we tend to recommend existing Botox and Dysport users to have their treatment about one month out. The reason for this is that it allows a two week check top and a further two weeks for the treatment to settle out. First time Botox and Dysport patients in Houston it is a little different, we suggest starting your treatment journey about 6-9 months, this allows you to get used to your treatment and allows us to build and improve on your first treatment. Like going to the gym and exercise, consistency is key. 

How much is wedding Botox in Houston ?

At Sisu Clinic our European origins shine through and we love to be open, honest and transparent with our patients in every regard and especially around pricing. At Sisu Clinic we don’t do dollars per unit, the reason why? It’s confusing, what is a unit of Botox and what does that mean? Often in the US market you are oversold toxins and deliberately “sold” more than you require. At Sisu Clinic we prefer the area based model, your toxin dose is tailored to your specific anatomy, all patients are reviewed at the two week mark. We are not major fans of the frozen look and to be very honest, it is out of Vogue. You want fresh, relaxed  but still looking like you, especially for your wedding day and photos.

Do men in Houston get Botox on wedding day Botox ?

Texans men like big cars, rodeos, rare steaks and believe it or they are huge fans of Botox and Dysport. Men getting Botox and especially grooms have increased dramatically over the last number of years. Botox and brides are now more grooms with great skin, sharp and fresh looking for their big day. 

What is the price of wedding Botox in Houston?

At Sisu Clinic we recommend three areas of Botox and Dysport, this is usually referred to as “full face” and gives the best results from both the perspective of treating lines and deeper wrinkles, but also for the preventative effect and stunning skin qualities of anti wrinkle treatments. Our pricing for three areas of Botox is $495 and includes a free lip flip or bunny line treatment. 

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