Your Go-To Destination for Botox in Coral Gables

January 31, 2024

Botox and Coral Gables are like palm trees and sunshine, they just belong together. Sisu Clinic is located in the shops at Merrick Park and is, even if we do say so ourselves, the best place for Botox in coral gables. For many our location is considered the dream destination to have your Botox in coral gables, easy parking, incredible shopping with the likes of Lululemon and Louis Vuitton located in the shops at Merrick park. You can shop till you drop and then have a little Botox to top off the end of a perfect self care day.

Where can I get the best Botox in Coral Gables ?

Our Sisu location Merrick park was our first US Sisu Clinic and it’s special, we are situated just above soul cycle, opposite Neman Marcus. Our Sisu Clinic Coral Gables Is state of the art and has a bougie European Vibe with an amazing team of clinic staff and medical practitioners alike.

How much is Botox in Coral Gables ?

Botox and Dysport pricing can vary massively across cities in the US. How we police Botox at Sisu Clinic Coral Gables is based on the European area model. There is no dollar per unit pricing or confusing consultations, just straight up honesty and transparency.

What things to consider when looking for the best Botox in Coral Gables ?

This question is vital and what’s really important is that number one you feel comfortable with your injector and clinic as a whole. There are many options for Botox in coral Gables and doing your research is critical. Look at google reviews, with over ten thousand five star google reviews across our Sisu Clinic platform, we are always working hard to ensure incredible results and patient satisfaction. We are very lucky that people give the type of feedback they do as it is confidence inspiring for other people when making a decision on where to get their Botox in coral gables. Our lead injector in Merrick Park Vanessa Padron has a wealth of experience in aesthetic medicine and has built an incredible reputation as an injector with empathy and compassion .

Best Botox in Coral Gables price?

Our Botox and Dysport pricing is a flat fee of $495 for three areas or what we call fun face Botox, we also include a complementary lip flip or bunny lines depending on your anatomy and concerns. All patients will return at the two week mark for check up and review, this allows our injectors to check your results but most importantly it will allow us to get to know your face and how you respond to our tailored, individualized treatment plans. 

Where can I get Botox cosmetic and Dysport in Coral Gables ?

These are our two go to brands in terms of neurotoxins on the market, both tried and tested and we love both equally, injector preference and patient preference play a role in deciding the right toxin for you and our team of expert aesthetic  injectors will guide you through the whole process ensuring that you are connected with the absolute best anti wrinkle treatment result.