Best Botox in Dundrum?

January 24, 2024

Sisu Clinic has recently opened its newest state-of-the-art clinic in Dundrum Town Centre in collaboration with the iconic retailer Harvey Nichols. Sisu Clinic is the leading Irish medical aesthetics brand, led by our incredible team of medical aesthetic practitioners. With clinics throughout Ireland, London, New York, and Miami, the world leader in aesthetic medicine has opened its doors in Dundrum for Botox, dermal fillers, Profhilo, and Sculptra.

Located on the beauty floor of Harvey Nichols in Dundrum Town Centre, we offer the convenience of having Botox treatments in the Dundrum shopping centre. The location for Botox in Dundrum is ideal, with ample parking, shopping, and food courts to allow you to experience the ultimate pampering day. Considering a Botox facial in Dundrum? Then you might want to book your free consultation and meet with one of our experienced doctors.

Is it easy to make an appointment for Botox in Dundrum Town Centre?

Yes, it is! Our user-friendly booking system means your free consultation can be booked in a matter of minutes via your computer or mobile device. With widespread availability and convenient opening times, gone are the days of waiting weeks for a visiting doctor or dealing with infrequent, inconvenient dates and times. Your consultation is totally free and is personalised with education, empowerment, and trust at its core.

When do I have my Botox treatment review at Dundrum?

Every Sisu Clinic patient is reviewed 14 days post-Botox treatment. This allows our doctors to follow best international standards and practices and also allows us to get to know your face. Occasionally, Botox may require a little adjustment and "tweak." Reviews are vital to ensure all our patients in Dundrum are happy with their results and the level of care we provide for them. Like most respected medical practices, our Dundrum medical centre Botox is administered with precision and care, and patient satisfaction is key.

How long does Botox last?

Botox as a drug has a half-life of about 3 months; it reaches its peak effect at two weeks and then gradually starts to wear off. Some patients find that Botox can feel a little tight and a bit heavy at the two-week mark; many report preferring their Botox around 4-5 weeks, as it tends to soften and balance as it settles.

What is the Dundrum clinic Botox price?

In Europe, Botox tends to be priced by the area. One area, referred to as the lower forehead (between your eyes), comprises your glabellar and procerus muscles; treating this can prevent the "angry" look and soften "frown lines," priced at €170. The upper forehead, caused by the frontalis muscle, can often make the face look anxious or stressed; treating both upper and lower forehead together ensures a more balanced look, priced at €250. The area around the eyes, or 'crow's feet,' is best treated alongside the other areas for both prevention and treatment of active lines and wrinkles, priced at €300.

Should you make your decision solely based on Botox Dundrum prices?

While price is an important consideration when choosing a Botox provider, it should not be the only factor. Always ensure that the practice and injector are reputable and well-trained and that you feel comfortable during your consultation and in the presence of your treating doctor. Remember, cheap and value are not the same; it is vital to receive value, professional service, and safety in your treatment. Prescription drug treatments, especially, should not be discounted. You have only one face, and it's crucial to entrust it to a brand and injector you trust.

How can I visit Sisu Clinic in Dundrum Shopping Centre?

Now that you have been educated on this topic, you can simply book a free consultation. Our expert medical injectors are there to guide you through your treatment options. We will be both your guardian and guide, ensuring you understand your treatment and feel safe in the hands of medical professionals.

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