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SISU is revolutionising the aesthetics industry with simple, transparent, “no surprises” pricing.

In the aesthetics industry, pricing is often confusing, with unpleasant surprises and add-on fees.

SISU is different. We provide all our pricing online, below, and fees are all-inclusive, so you know in advance exactly what you’ll pay. The only surprise should be how amazing you look after treatments.


Anti-wrinkle treatments (Botox)


Reduce wrinkles and signs of ageing. Prices are the same for both men and women.


Facial anti-wrinkle injections

1 Area €170

2 Areas €250

3 Areas €300

4 Areas €350

Areas are defined as parts of the face – we’ll tell you upfront the number of areas needed to achieve your desired results

Additional treatments

Gummy smile €170

Jaw reshaping €170

Migraine €170

Mini brow lift €170

Nefertiti neck lift €170

Decolletage €170

Dermal fillers


Increase definition, subtly alter the contours of your face.


Facial fillers

Cheek augmentation €300

Chin augmentation €300

Dermal filler (per 1ml) €300

Jaw reshaping (per 1ml) €300

Non-surgical rhinoplasty €400

Additional areas

Neckbands €400

Hands €400



Add volume and definition to your lips.


SISU KISS consultation No charge


SISU KISS with a friend €540




Revitalize your eyes and remove dark circles.


SISU REVIVE consultation No charge





Permanently remove unwanted fat from specific targeted areas, such as the chin

SISU SLIM consultation No charge

SISU SLIM body treatment €400

SISU SLIM chin treatment €400




Lifts the face without pain or downtime. Choose from two methods: the liquid facelift or via Silhouette threading.

Liquid facelift

Liquid facelift €999
With 4 areas of Botox, 3ml of dermal fillers

Silhouette threading

Thread lift face €1800

Thread lift face and neck €2000



Refresh the skin, with Profhilo injectables.


Profhilo consultation No charge

2 treatments if paid on first visit €575

2ml Profhilo Face Treatment €300

2ml Profhilo Neck Treatment €300

Hand regeneration 2ml €300

Hand regeneration 4ml €575

Profhilo Duo: 2 treatments of 2ml, 5 weeks apart €575

Profhilo neck regeneration 2ml €300

Profhilo neck regeneration 4ml €575



Rapid, no-surgery nose job.


SISU ALIGN consultation No charge



Laser hair removal


For smoother skin, and reduced maintenance time


For ladies

Hair removal consultation No charge

Course of 6 treatments

Bikini Brazillian €260

Full leg and bikini €800

Full leg €750

Full leg, bikini and underarm €999

Hollywood bikini €370

Lip and chin €299

Lip €150

Lower leg and bikini €680

Lower leg €520

Neck €199

Underarm €260

Chin €179

Full face €425

For men

Hair removal consultation No charge

Men's back of neck €250

Men's full beard €360

Course of 6 treatments

Men's back €530

Centre of brow €175

Chest and back €999

Chest and stomach €530

Upper cheek €175

Laser rejuvenation


Reduce the effects of ageing and clear up unwanted pigmentation or skin blemishes.

Facial treatments

Laser mini-treatment No charge

Full face and chest laser vein pigmentation treatment €160

Full face laser rejuvenation €150

Full face laser vein and pigmentation treatment €145

Partial face laser vein and pigmentation treatment €135

Partial face rejuvenation €120

Additional areas

Laser arms rejuvenation €170

Laser chest rejuvenation €110

Laser hand rejuvenation €120

Facial treatments


To clean and relieve your skin, and look great for special events.


SISU CLEAR acne treatment €120

Microdermabrasion €80

Microneedling €179

SISU Celebration €70
Glowing skin for special events

SISU Soothe €99
For irritated or sensitive skin, and rosacea




Whiten teeth from 6 to 12 shades, quickly and painlessly



SISU SMILE with a friend €140

SISU SMILE Deluxe upgrade €129