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Lip Filler treatment explained - Sisu has clinic's worldwide just for you

August 1, 2021

Lip Filler treatment explained - Sisu has clinic's worldwide just for you

Best Lip Filler Providers Dublin: Frequently Asked Questions

Firstly, you're not the first one to search for "Best lip filler providers Dublin". Nor will you be the last! Lip fillers in Dublin are a popular treatment. So everyone is looking for the best lip fillers Dublin FAQ. (Also known as best lip fillers Dublin frequently asked questions). Even if you think it's just you, it's not. Why?

Unless you've had lip augmentation before, you're bound to have questions. After all, lip filler injections are medical treatment. Maybe you've had the best lip fillers in Ireland and still have questions. This is normal!

So Sisu’s team of medical doctors is here to guide you. Want advice on lip fillers in Dublin? Need to know all the facts on lip injections? Seems likely if you are searching for "best lip filler providers Dublin"! So read on.

What to Know About Best Lip Filler Providers Dublin

First of all, we hear the same questions from patients every day. After all, SISU Clinics are trusted by thousands of patients as the best lip fillers clinic in Dublin and across Ireland. Nothing you ask would surprise us! Additionally, every day patients open up to us about their fears. Among them:

  • Sub-standard providers
  • Unflattering results
  • ‘Trout pout’
  • Looking fake
  • Not looking like themselves anymore
  • Looking feminine (from male patients getting lip fillers for men in Dublin)

Furthermore, lip fillers are a financial investment. Undeniably, these are all valid concerns. So of course you'd want to research "best lip filler providers Dublin" to get the facts. Let us give them to you.  

Where Should I Go For Lip Injections in Dublin?

First and foremost: Do not go to any non-medical provider for lip filler injections in Dublin. Here's why:

  • To begin with: Do you really want someone who is not a medical professional giving you any medical treatment?
  • Secondly: Why would you want an inexperienced amateur injecting anything into your face?
  • Further: Is it a great idea to have an unqualified person 'doing' a face-altering treatment on you?
  • Finally: Would you even allow an unqualified, uninsured hobbyist to do this to your pet, let alone to you?

Obviously, we would love to see you in one of our Sisu Clinics. As medical doctors at Sisu, we're biased. But let us explain why that bias is grounded in your best interests. Because the fact is, any search for "best lip filler providers Dublin" should always bring you to Sisu’s door.  

What Should I Look For in Dublin Lip Filler Clinics?

Once you've sorted through the search results for "best lip filler providers Dublin," your real search begins. Most importantly, ensure your lip fillers provider meets these basic qualifications:

How Can I Research Lip Fillers in Dublin?

Without a doubt, research on injectable clinics is crucial. You'd research a restaurant for a nice meal out, right? Similarly, you'd also research a hotel or a hairdresser. Then your lip fillers research needs to be just as thorough. Probably more so!  

How to Find Lip Fillers Reviews in Dublin

Lip fillers reviews and ratings should be your first research stop. Patient feedback is more reliable than any advertising. First of all, find patient reviews for lip fillers in Dublin. SISU patients are encouraged to leave feedback. Some choose to make their lip fillers reviews public. Also, hundreds of SISU’s patient reviews for lip fillers in Dublin and other treatments are located below:

Will My Lip Fillers Look Fake?

First of all, you don't have to go for Kylie Jenner lip fillers. Or Kim Kardashian lip injections for that matter! (Note that celebrity Photoshop tricks are often behind those looks, too. Not just lip augmentation and lip plumping products.)Glam and fab are what many women want. Meanwhile, other women (and men) prefer fuller lips that are more subtle. But some people will be worried about 'trout pout' or 'duck lips’. After all, that's what many providers will give you! To repeat, that's why we emphasise the importance of aesthetic medical doctors for lip fillers. SISU's doctors focus on the most flattering look for your face. Here's what that means:

  • Firstly, there is no 'one size fits all' for lips!
  • Above all, our doctors want to create more fullness and volume that is best suited to your natural lip curvature.
  • Undeniably, patients often fixate on volume. Obviously, you want fullness and plumpness. Unless you are an aesthetic medical doctor, that swollen, 'bee-stung' look is all about volume in most minds.
  • But that's why you have aesthetic medical doctors treat you! Because in fact, the most important aspect is contour and shape.
  • Without a doubt: The balance of symmetry, combined with tailored volume distribution, is the key to your perfect pout.

Lip fillers are often a subjective treatment and some patients request a little more fullness when compared to others. At SISU Clinic, every patient gets a bespoke, tailored treatment. Yes, that includes you!  [embed][/embed]

Do Lip Fillers Hurt?

First of all, your lip augmentation at SISU will be virtually painless. Also, it will only take a few minutes. Secondly, any pressure you feel is due to lip fillers' natural origins. They are a form of gel-based dermal fillers. Surprisingly to some, these are made from a natural substance. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the human body. When injected into lips, this filler causes the lip tissue to stretch slightly. As lips are rather sensitive, this can translate into a feeling of moderate pressure. However, our doctors use strong numbing creams to minimise discomfort. These contain lidocaine, a topical anaesthetic. In reality, getting lip filler injections is a bit like getting your eyebrows waxed or plucked. It sounds more daunting before you do it. Afterwards, you realise there was nothing to worry about. 

How Often Should I Get Lip Fillers in Dublin?

The first time you get lip fillers, your body will absorb the natural hyaluronic acid fillers more quickly. So patients frequently want a 'top-up' sooner after a first treatment than they do after later treatments. In that case, the average is six months after the first lip filler injections. Typically, lip filler treatments last about nine months. But this can vary. Basically, it depends on several factors. Variables like your metabolic rate, physical activity and smoking can hasten the reabsorption of lip filler injections. Above all, SISU medical doctors do not rush patients' treatments. Of course, you can always add more lip filler. In fact, sometimes patients love the effect when there is a little swelling in the immediate days after treatment. When this subsides, they often come back for a bigger volume boost. Summing up, there is no rush and no pressure. Your best results require a medical doctor's expertise, skill, talent and sound judgment. To conclude, our aim is to give you a natural-looking, symmetrical and flattering look. That means your perfect pout. Not ‘trout pout’!  

What About Cheap Lip Fillers in Dublin?

Firstly, this is a question we get a lot! So let's condense the facts. To begin with, it’s critical that you go to a doctor-led clinic for lip fillers. Your best results depend on it. Further, your health and wellbeing depend on it. Hence, we emphasise this a lot. For the same reason, we urge you to avoid cheap lip fillers. Since when is prioritising ‘cheap’ a good idea when altering your beautiful face? This isn't a lip gloss or lipstick from the chemist. It's a lip filler treatment! Despite knowing better, perhaps you think the risks would be worth it. Money is money, right? But this is a false economy. It's also a dangerous bet. What you don’t know about cheap lip fillers in Dublin can hurt you. The threats are real. Such as these few for starters:

  • Unapproved and/or unregulated products
  • Unhygienic conditions
  • Unqualified providers
  • Sub-standard treatment protocols
  • Damage to your lips and face.

In summary, cheap prices mean cheap practice, cheap set-up and cheap service. Those ‘cheap’ lip fillers could be the most expensive treatment you ever have. 

Are the Most Expensive Lip Fillers the Best in Dublin?

In short: No. According to hundreds of happy patients, the best lip fillers in Dublin are from SISU. And we are not the most expensive! You can get SISU's gold-standard medical treatment and proven results without paying over the odds. Rather, by investing in the best lip fillers clinic in Dublin you get a:

  • A dedicated medical doctor who is an expert in aesthetic medicine
  • A physician with comprehensive experience in non-surgical treatments like lip fillers, dermal fillers, lip fillers, thread lifts and more
  • Free consultation with your SISU doctor
  • A full explanation of the treatment - no rushing!
  • Plain-English conversation with your doctor, answering all your questions
  • Doctor eager to address your unique concerns and desires
  • A bespoke treatment plan, designed just for you by your SISU doctor
  • Superb after-care plan
  • The clinical team is eager to ensure your satisfaction with the entire experience
  • Rewards just for being patient.

Therefore, when considering a provider for lip fillers in Dublin: Take your time, do your research and have a consultation first. 

The Lip Fillers Dublin City Centre Leader

SISU Aesthetic Clinics go above and beyond to serve patients. Hence SISU's reputation as the best non-surgical and injectable treatment clinic in Dublin. To conclude:

Above all, at SISU you’ll always be treated as a patient. In contrast with non-medical doctor providers, you’re never a client or customer here. Hence for hundreds of patients, SISU is the most trusted Dublin lip fillers clinic

How Do I Get the Best Lip Filler Treatment in Dublin?

If you've read this far then you must be excited! Now that you're just one step away from booking, we have a Sisu patient concierge on standby to help. We offer several ways to book a free consultation with your Sisu doctor:

Finally, remember: Your consultation with your Sisu doctor is always free. First of all, we want you always to feel empowered to make an informed decision. Furthermore, you are important to our doctors before you even step foot in our clinic. 

We want you to be confident about your treatment decision. You're at the centre of all we do. So if you want time to have a think? Feel free! Certainly, you may always wait and come back whenever you feel ready. Likewise, you can also get same-day lip filler treatment. Your Sisu doctor will accommodate your wishes. Sisu's doctors are waiting to show you the best lip filler treatment in Dublin. We can't wait to meet you!

Don't forget to follow us on social media for the latest updates and tips on beauty trends, treatments, and more. Embrace the aesthetic revolution today, and discover the power of personalized beauty at Sisu Clinic.

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