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Why Men Get Botox

August 15, 2022

Why Men Get Botox in Dublin

First, we disclosed that upwards of 30% of Sisu’s patients are men. Then we shared that the most popular injectable treatment with our male patients is Botox. Then everyone wanted to know why men get Botox in Dublin. Whether you call it Mantox, Bro-tox or just plain 'Botox for men,' we can answer that. 

Why Men Get Botox in Dublin: High-Level

To start, the most popular nonsurgical treatment with Sisu patients overall is Botox. But why are Botox antiwrinkle injections so in-demand?

Whether in Dublin, Cork, Killarney, London, New York, LA or anywhere, Botox is known and relied upon. 

Why Men Get Botox in Dublin: Men at Work

Sisu’s medical doctors pay close attention to what patients say. Both during the patient's a free consultation and during treatment and after-care, our doctors learn a lot about what motivates patients to seek treatment. Here's what male patients in Dublin have told us about why they get Botox.

  • To start, men from every professional and lifestyle background complain of being 'tired of looking old and tired'
  • Further, men now face unprecedented demands at work and at home at an all-time high
  • Also, men are staying at work much later in life than in the past
  • Meanwhile, their colleagues are getting younger
  • So there is massive pressure to perform as well as (or better than) a more youthful college could
  • Additionally, many post-35 men report a drop in confidence in the face of this professional competition
  • Often, men's wives or partners nudge them to get Botox - including wedding day Botox
  • Finally, men know they don't have to settle for looking older and less vibrant than they are. So many of them refuse to do so.

What Look Do Dublin Men Want From Botox?

First, one of the reasons Sisu is so popular in Dublin is that our results are subtle yet effective. Because our medical doctors strive to give patients a completely natural yet refreshed, more youthful look. What's more, our doctors live by the ethos that the best Botox is Botox nobody realises is Botox. All people know is that you look amazing and well-rested. But they'll never guess why. 

Male or female, that is the Sisu standard. In the case of men, the epitome of Sisu’s achievement is more specific. To start, our medical doctors redefine the existing masculine form. Chiefly that means restoring the freshness and vitality gradually lost over the years. Our goal is to help men achieve and maintain peak masculine form. The result? The man looks like the best version of himself within minutes - no downtime, no pain, no hassle. 

How is Botox for Men Different?

Specifically, Botox for men is not just a branded version of Botox for women. Indeed, as SISU's doctors know all too well, it's more complex:

  • Firstly, men's basic facial anatomy differs significantly from women's
  • Secondly, men have very particular muscle mass and muscle fibre patterns
  • Consequently, the placement of injection sites, precise injection techniques and other fine details are completely different when treating men with Botox.

Of course, Sisu’s doctors have years of experience in creating bespoke Botox anti-wrinkle treatments. That includes tailoring treatment for men's unique facial anatomy, muscle mass, muscle fibres and individual needs. 

What Kind of Men in Dublin Get Botox?

Men like you.  Michael is a 37-year-old roofer. He is another great example of why more than 30% of SISU’s patients are men. From those in suits and ties all day to those who spend their days working outdoors, all men are feeling the pressures of modern life. After so many years of hard graft under the sun, Michael had deep wrinkles on his face. (Yes, even overcast Irish skies will age skin!) He knew there was something he could do about it. So he did it: Michael came to Sisu.

Botox for Men in Dublin: The Facts

Anti-wrinkle injections at Sisu are:

  • Safe - and only administered by Sisu’s doctors
  • Powerful for smoothing existing wrinkles
  • Superb for preventing future wrinkles
  • Able to stop still-forming wrinkles from becoming permanent
  • Ideal for the forehead and skin around the eyes
  • Impressive at diminishing deep and fine grooves around the neck (neckbands)
  • Sustainable - regular application prevents reversion to visible wrinkles

Finding the Best Botox in Dublin City Centre

Many people want to find the cheapest Botox in Dublin. That's because the dangers of cheap Botox aren't as widely known as they should be. But wise people just want to find the best Botox in Dublin. After all, men and women alike have to wear their faces every day. They know the value of safe, superb antiwrinkle injections. For tips on how to find the best Botox in Dublin, click here

How Do I Book the Best Botox in Dublin?

Good news: Your SISU patient concierge is on standby to help you take the next step. We offer several ways to book a free consultation with your SISU doctor:

Finally, remember: Your consultation with your Sisu doctor is always free. We can’t wait to meet you!


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