FREE Laser Teeth Whitening in Ireland - SISUsmile Christmas Gift


sisu free gift free laser teeth whitening in irelandSISU Clinics' Gift to You: SISUsmile

Free laser teeth whitening in Ireland: Sound too good to be true?It's certainly not! SISU's new in-clinic laser teeth whitening has even made the beauty media's Christmas wishlists this year. And right now, everyone in Ireland can get it for free! SISUsmile is available at our clinics in Dublin and Cork.Professional teeth whitening is simply transformative. Still, you'll pay nothing for this €79 treatment right now, thanks to SISUsmile! So now you're just one step away from free laser teeth whitening in Ireland. 

How Do I Get Free Laser Teeth Whitening in Ireland?

Because we're so grateful for our patients, SISU Aesthetic Clinics is thrilled to gift everyone with a brighter, whiter smile this Christmas. So do you want yours? Here's how to get this €79 gift for FREE!

Want to get Bridal Botox before that Christmas wedding? Eager to have your perfect pout to go with a sparkling smile under the mistletoe? Want to ring in the new year with your perfect new nose and teeth as bright as your future? You'll love our gift of free laser teeth whitening in Ireland!

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How to Get MORE Free Treatments from SISU Clinics?

We're not just offering SISUsmile free professional teeth whitening in Ireland. What's more:


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Can I Get Laser Teeth Whitening by Christmas? Can I Get Laser Teeth Whitening by New Year's Eve?

How about both? Because you certainly can! Find out why below. laser teeth whitening before after photo dublin cork sisusmile  

Can I Get Same Day Teeth Whitening in Cork and Dublin?

The speed of results from SISUsmile professional teeth whitening treatment is stunning. This is unquestionably something our patients love:

  • SISUsmile free laser teeth whitening in Ireland takes only one hour.
  • So just pop in on your lunch break, after work or between meetings.
  • Since treatment is so fast, you'll walk out of our clinic 60 minutes later with a transformed smile.
  • To emphasise: Our average patient's teeth are lightened 10 - 12 shades by SISUsmile. Just imagine your results!

Indeed, there's still time to get your new look - whiter smile and all - before Christmas or New Year's Eve. 

What Nonsurgical Treatments/Injectable Treatments Will Unlock This Gift?

Firstly, all of SISU’s nonsurgical treatments/injectable treatments are in the mix for this! Put simply, any treatment priced €300 or more will unlock the SISU Christmas gift. Specifically, these are the qualifying treatments:

To clarify, the only injectable treatments that won't unlock the gift are Botox antiwrinkle injections for fewer than three areas or less than 1ML of lip filler injections. Every other injectable treatment qualifies!
Botox for men in Dublin, Cork, Killarney - Mantox, Botox

What Botox Treatments Will Get Me Free Professional Teeth Whitening in Ireland?

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What Lip Filler Treatments Will Get Me Free Laser Teeth Whitening in Cork or Dublin?

Likewise, all bespoke lip filler treatments over 1ML qualify you for your free SISU gift. In detail, this includes:

In summary, your SISU bespoke lip filler perfect pout now comes with free SISUsmile professional teeth whitening in Ireland!

What Dermal Filler Treatments Can I Get With Free SISUsmile?

In the same way that other treatments will earn your free laser teeth whitening, so too will dermal filler injections. To list:dermal fillers for men dublin cork killarney clinic


Do Any Other Injectable Treatments Come With Free SISUsmile?

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Of course! Together with SISU’s other nonsurgical treatments, all of these now come with our gift of free laser teeth whitening in Ireland:

Can I Pay For SISU Treatments in Monthly Instalments?

Because of SISU's new partnership with Flexi Finance, all of our nonsurgical treatments/injectable treatments can now be financed. Generally, that includes the following:

To clarify, the treatments listed above can be used for literally dozens of bespoke aesthetic treatments. So to summarise: SISU’s full range of treatments can now be financed at SISU via Flexi Finance.
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How Long Do Laser Teeth Whitening Results Last?

First, let SISU ask you: How does one-hour treatment with results lasting at LEAST one and a half YEARS sound?Undoubtedly, our patients love the timings on SISUsmile professional teeth whitening in Ireland:

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Same Day Teeth Whitening Results for Major Events

As a result of the above, you can get your teeth whitened during the day and have a transformed smile for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or New Year's Eve! Likewise, if you have a winter wedding, you can still get your get Bridal Botox and your picture perfect, bright smile!So this means you'll look your best for those parties, family meals and hot dates to ring in 2019. Another perk? You'll look amazing in those selfies and social media photos everyone uploads (whether you want them to or not!).Undoubtedly, there are few treatments you can get last minute that will make such a huge difference in your appearance! laser professional teeth whitening before after photo dublin cork sisusmile

10-12 Shades Lighter Teeth

On average our clients see improvement of 10-12 shades. This can vary depending on several factors, including lifestyle (eg smoking) and pre-treatment condition of your teeth.Here is our guarantee: We are so confident in our results that if you are less than 4 shades whiter, SISUsmile will pay for the treatment ourselves.  

free laser teeth whitening in Ireland Cork Dublin Killarney SISUsmileGuaranteed Whiter Teeth: Amazing Results or Your Money Back

First, yes: Your SISUsmile gift is courtesy of SISU right now. Despite that, you shoul know how confident we are in SISUsmile's results. At SISUsmile, we offer a money-back guarantee on our professional cosmetic teeth whitening. Here's why:

  • First of all, SISUsmile uses the latest professional teeth whitening technology to get you the bright, white smile you always wanted.
  • Furthermore, SISUsmile professional teeth whitening gels are free from hydrogen peroxide.
  • Even more, as well to being hydrogen peroxide-free, SISUsmile's innovative teeth whitening gels have a pH of 5.5.
  • Also, SISUsmile's professional teeth whitening gels are EU-compliant.
  • Because of this, you will not experience sensitivity post-treatment from SISUsmile professional teeth whitening.
  • Most noteworthy: SISUsmile's teeth whitening treatment is clinically proven to be the most effective laser teeth whitening treatment available.

Due to all of the above, SISU confidently guarantees you a private, personal and professional teeth whitening service with SISUsmile. 

Free laser teeth whitening in Ireland for SISUsmile SISU Clinic patientsBOOK NOW: DUBLIN and CORK

SISU Clinic Cork and SISU Clinic Dublin are both open every day until Christmas! Book your appointment and go into the holidays - and 2019 - looking better than ever!

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